What is Herculeswap (?)

      Herculeswap is an NFT marketplace with Automated Market Maker (AMM), allowing users to trade NFT in liquidity pools. With our platform, NFT creators can launch their NFT collection and initiate pools for their collection since Day 1.

Our Modules

  • Launchpad ( Liquidity Locking, Vesting )
  • Refund Modules

How it works

  • Collector Flowchart (Minting, Refund)
    • Collectors can mint an NFT through herculeswap. If the collection is minted out, the minting revenue will be directly locked in the liquidity pool. However, if the project fails to mint out, the minting fee will be returned to the collectors.
  • Creator Flowchart (Lock LP, Vesting)
    • The NFT creators will be able to select the percentage of minting revenue to provide the initial liquidity for the pool. After the collection is minted out, they need to provide NFT and a portion of minting revenue in the liquidity pool. The creator can generate revenue from trading fees when collectors trade NFT in the pool.